I've been invited to speak and play the
Native American flute at several different events,

2011, Dallas Art Musuem
2009 SCANS Conference,
2009 Unity Church of Christianity, Houston, TX,
preformed  with Jason and deMarco,
The Praise Team and the Unity Band.
2003, 2004, 2005 Preformed at Richland
Community College  Richardson, Texas.
1999 Raytheon for Native American Month
1998 Forney elementary schools,
Art Winners for '99 American Indian Expo
Three special awards were made,
Best of Show, Art Director's Award, and the
Exposition President's Award.

Best of Show was awarded to
Jeff Yellowhair (Kiowa)
for his large, dramatic painting of the Apache
Fire Dancers entitled
"Fire Spirits."

The Art Director's Award went to
Barthell Littlechief (Kiowa/Comanche) for his
painting of a hunter and buffalo locked in
mortal combat,
entitled simply "The Hunt."

The President's Award went to
Jerome Poyer Dine' (Navajo) for a striking
silver and coral jewelry set composed of
bracelet, ring, and earrings.
My name is Jerome Poyer I'm originally from Shiprock, N. M.
Reside to Lancaster, Texas
Silver smithing
Stone Cutting
Shaping Heishi Shell
Sand Painting
Native American Flute
Cader Box
Culture Events
Flute Circle Gathering
I'm originally from Shiprock, N. M. Reside to
Lancaster, Texas. When. I start a sterling
silver project I'll usually rummage though my
bucket of .925 silver remnants and see what
kind left over pieces there are. This is where I
come up with the designs of the leafs,
flowers and add ons like my grandfathers
favorite reform 1/2 melts, silver shavings for
texturing, stamped silver balls. NO silver Is
left behind
Meeting people also was the major reason Jerome Poyer, a
Navajo silversmith from Lancast-er, attended the two-day
Poyer had about a dozen people gathered around his
U-shaped booth looking at jewelry he'd made and had for sale
and watching him demonstrate how he crafts the items.
''I watched my grandfather when I was only about knee high,''
he said while pounding out a hair cuff. ''I lost it for a few years,
but I picked it back up again about five years ago.''
He used a wood mallet to mold the silver into a half-circle
shape. His demonstration at the powwow was to show
people, especially children, the process that goes into
creating the jewelry.
''I get to talk about what I do,'' he said. ''A lot of people sell a lot
of stuff that is not their own stuff. They're like middlemen. Plus,
the kids like to watch.''
Nearby, children and adults of all ages danced the Gourd
Dance, which opened the dancing competition.
Jerome Poyer, a
Navajo silversmith,
works on creating a
silver hair band at
his booth just a few
feet away from the
dance circle.
meet so many
(Native Americans)
here,'' he said.
A-J Photo/Robin Cornett
Native American Flute
I've been making N.A.F. since 2008
My first experice with this instument was back
in 1997, my Apache friend had one at her
house and I blew it and I did not get a sound.
Who knew I would be maken them.
Ever since, I began my art journy at diffrnent
powwow through out the U.S.A., I've found
new friends in the Native American flute world.
Bill Miller, Nicole, William Guitariz, Butch Hall,
Sonny, Calvin, and Tim Navaquya, William
Harjo, Tommy Wildcat,..to name a few. as the
years gone by my curiocity got the best of me.
I've always been the type of person to take
things apart and try to figure how it works.
My art represents what I've learned from my grandparents, love, hope, faith and charity. I'm a silversmith,  Every jewelry has it's own personal uniqueness and
originality and never duplicated, unless otherwise order for a group. I use some of the finest gems and minerals. Most stones are hand picked, some are gifts
from rock hounds or people I've met on the pow-wow trail. I do my own lapidary work from rough mineral then formed to your liken.I do several different types of
custom art. If  your interested in my art.
go to contact me page and submit.
When I started maken these Native American flutes I really didn't
know how to make them or  what I was doing. These happen for a
few year befor I met this flute maker at the Heart of the Cedar flute
circle in Dallas. When it use to be at the church house. Ever since
then I've made friends with Larry Evans he's Irish, Galic. is one of the
best Native American flute Style... out there! Thank you
Larry for your on going teaching
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By:Jerome Poyer
Since 1991
I Alone Work My Bench
My Flutes are made one at a time and I use aeromatic cedar. If not from a supplier, then out my back yard.
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