I  Provide and Specialize in repairs with
Native jewelry repairs is my specialty and or
any .925 sterling silver repair, it can be
smash by a fork lift like
the ring in fig. 1. Or bracelets broken in half  
fig. 2., watch band with broken leaves fig, 3.
Alterations fig, 4. Inlay repair  fig,5. Resizing  
up or down,  bracelet, necklaces, bolo ties,
belt buckles,  I take pride in my restoration,
someone else's art work. You will never find
a top of the line jeweler that will touch or
repair any  native American or southwest

Fig. 1
this ring has been smashed by a edge of a fork lift wheel. And over
Fig. 2
This watch band is missing a leaf that
covers the end of a watch
Fig. 3

Slave bracelet as you can see right in half, but put back together
like new and a another happy customer
Fig. 4
If your jewelry is to plain then
Alteration is your choice, then we
can it happen, we plan out what you
The ring was change to a broach
and  the necklace
with heavier bail.
Sorry if this was your work
Fig. 5

Inlay repair is one of the hardest repairs to
do. Finding the right color stone and
shaping it. Some fine lapidary work !
It can be anybody else
jewelry , I'll repair It
Replace Stone
No. 16 fret dented  
refinish with nickel
silver frets and
while I had it a part,
I installed sleeping
beauty turquoise in
the dots
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There is a procces to
my repairing Native
American Jewelry,
if it has stones I have
to take them out in
order to repair the
silver part.  
watch how its done, follow me on facebook
Labor rate minimum $75.00 first hour
Silver repair
Take a stone out and put right back $10.50 per stone depending if custom inlay
Stone replacement
Custom Cut / Lapidary well depend on Quality ( grade ) and weight per stone.

If you have any questions just email me
There is no guarantee
of a perfect match to
color, but i will get it as close as possable.
The minerals i get are mostly rought then I'll        
custome cut them to fit your missing stone jewelry.