One Time Custom
Made For You And Only
All Jewelry are NOT Duplicated
Name badge for Lawton, Oklahoma IHS
Hospital RN lady.
Personal spin bail guitar
pick holder, necklace
Installed a large Bisbe Turquoise on the
but of the gun.
Inlayed crushed turquoise, in a diamond
shape, on the mechanicel part of the
As much as I'm aganst fire arms for
shotting illigal game, and to sale on the
streets, I did this gun for the art
This is the only piece, I've done in
nickel silver, It was an honer to make
this crown.
Miss Trible AmericanNetwork, Texas.  
Noel Pretty Eagle Johnson
This is a very large Bear claw breaclet. made
for a gentalmen, Gainsville, Tx
A birthday gift, for Don Burts mom.
Bisbee Turquoise, Bisbee Az
Bear claw mans watch
Cripple Creek turquoise,
Colorado, U.S.A.
Ox Blood coral
Front stone
Kingman: Kingman, Az
Back Stone  (out)
Bisbee: Bisbee, Az
Kato, this peice is hand staped
by my grandfather, some
unfinish project I found, after
his death.
I added on the the four
Kingman Turquois and leather
Quick release bail. This was a
cross for a revorend, in Desoto,
Brass Kokopelli
Body : Inlay of turquois, coral,
and shell
Top Hair: Mink fur
Bottom Hair:  Black Jade
Kokos magic bag: Deer leather
Gold rings on arm and leg: 14 kt
Standing On: 90ct of low grade
.29 a ct
Dancing Ladies
hair tie, medicine
wheel with feather
Dancing Ladies
hair tie, Sleeping
Beauty Turquoise
with feather
Dancing Ladies hair tie, medicine lodge
with feather
This was made for a friend, here in
Lancaster, Texas
She wanted a necklace to mach her
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Spinie Oyster shell
Lapis lazuli: High Blue almost purple,
Ox Blood Coral
Wedding set
Natural Sleeping Beauty
Wedding ring
Stablize: Kingman Turquois
Silver hat pin
Concho with
RING: Twisted
Feather wrap ring with
Sleeping Beauty
Necklace: 3 D detail, turtle with
sleepling beauty Turquoise
Necklace : Hunter-Worrier
Boar teeth
red trade beads
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Ear Cuffs: dangly Feather
Very Large square Braclet for a friend of
mine Medicine Dancer
50 ct each side of Blue gem, high grade
Collor pins: This was made for a
good friend of mine down south texas
area he's 1/2 Dine'
Stamping design
Cripple Creek Turquoise
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Replicate of big watch bracelet, summer of 2011,
Alternating Bass guitar 2010
Big Buckel  Roston Torquoise
Brass kokopopelli
Sterling fork to belt
hook key holder
Wildhorse stone,
Bisbee truquoise and ox
blood coral
Ladies 5 1/2 ,
Sleeping Beauty turquoise
Interchangable ,
Paua shell
Kingman Turquoise
& Ox Blood coral
Gaspinite lapis